How Much SEO Companies Charge

Most business owners in the UK know that SEO is the best way to grow their businesses because it generates the best quality leads. If you’re a business owner who has never used an SEO company, maybe you don’t know how much you’ll have to pay for SEO and what you’ll get for your money.

SEO is a long-term investment that can pay off in big ways for many years because it helps online searchers find your products and/or services. The cost you’ll pay for SEO depends on a few factors including the size of your company, your budget, and the scope of your project. Here’s a breakdown of the average monthly cost for SEO in the UK, according to the three main price categories.

Low Cost or Cheap SEO

You can find cheap SEO services being advertised online that cost anywhere from £50 to £500 a month. Individuals and companies offering cheap SEO typically don’t have the budget to perform the job effectively. This means they often resort to using ‘black hat’ SEO tactics to temporarily boost a site’s online visibility. These tactics include things like keyword stuffing and spammy backlinks, which can get your site de-indexed by Google if you get caught.

It’s best to avoid cheap SEO so you don’t put your website at risk. If you don’t have the budget for good SEO, you’d be better off learning the tricks of the trade yourself so you can grow your business slowly.

Mid Range SEO

Companies offering SEO services for £500 to £5000 a month are typically focused on fixing any on-page problems websites have. SEO firms at the lower end of this price range will usually ask you what keywords you want to rank for. SEO companies at the higher end of this range will start your project using your keyword suggestions but will come back with some other search terms that can bring good results.

An SEO agency offering mid-range pricing is often a good fit for businesses that don’t have a lot of competition. Content creation and marketing may be included in the SEO package in this price range.

High-End SEO

SEO costing at least £5000 a month is referred to as high-end SEO. This more costly SEO is suitable for mid to large size businesses that have a great deal of competition.

A high-end SEO provider will get to know your business well and your target market. It will then put together a comprehensive plan to show you what needs to be done now and further down the road. A detailed SEO plan will then be put into motion by a skilled team of experts specialising in PPC, digital PR, content management, website design, etc.

As you can see, good quality SEO costs money. It’s always best to work with an agency that’s known for delivering good results. A reputable SEO firm will gladly prove they’re able to get your real results by sharing case studies they’ve done.