NetThink Consultants

About Us

Who are we?

NetThink is a computer consultancy. We offer a range of commercial services, as well as a comprehensive training program.

Why are we different?

We're different because we specialise exclusively in Open Source technologies, and we work closely with the communities that have brought us those technologies. We know the Open Source movement - first-hand.

We're also different because we're the experts. Our staff includes lead developers, contributors and best-selling authors in their fields. By being involved in the development of the tools we use, we know them better than anyone else.

What is Open Source?

The Open Source movement is radical and successful way of thinking about software and software development. All of the technologies we specialise in are freely distributable, freely modifiable, and are maintained and developed not by companies but by volunteers and individuals.

The open source model means that if the software available isn't exactly right for you, we can modify it. It means freedom from costly and restrictive licensing agreements. It means nobody can spring any surprises on you. The only down side is that there's no central company controlling the whole thing for you to turn to for support. We're here to fill that gap.