NetThink Consultants



This page will contain all the software we make available for download; currently, we do not yet have any software available.

Training Materials

Our training materials are published under the Open Content License, and are available for download and use. Please feel free to use them within the terms of the license.

Perl 5 Internals

This is a three-hour course, teaching the basics of Perl internals and getting involved with hacking on the core of Perl. It'll be presented for the first time at the O'Reilly Perl Conference in June 2001.

You can download the tutorial in PostScript and PDF formats.

If you need the original sources to the tutorial, please email us.

Beta Area

This is where we place stuff which is currently under development. There are no guarantees about anything here, but it's intended to give you the flavour of our work in progress.

There are currently no beta tutorials available for download.