NetThink Consultants


Here are some of the tools we use to do what we do.


Used by more than 1.5 million people worldwide, Perl is justly known as the "Swiss Army Chainsaw" of programming languages; it's perfect for everything between small data processing and system administration programs, through web site scripting via CGI and templating modules, right up to major applications. Perl is probably the most widely-used language for the creation of dynamic web site content.

Perl programming is simplified by the existence of the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, a huge repository of reusable modules and code for all imaginable programming tasks. CPAN itself vindicates the Open Source philosophy: people do want to share their work, and we can get our job done faster because of that. NetThink employees are encouraged to create Perl modules for common tasks and donate modules back to CPAN. We also work on the support and development of the Perl interpreter itself.


These days, we don't even need to explain what Linux is. Another successful product of the Open Source revolution, Linux has established itself as the de facto midrange server operating system. Linux is an extremely versatile and powerful operating system - we use it because it's the best.


The Apache web server software is used by over 80% of the web servers on the Internet. It's fast and robust. Apache and Perl can be combined with the mod_perl extension, allowing us to use our favourite programming language to control our favourite web server.